Saturday, December 18, 2010

Thanksgiving with our NW family

On the road again, Monday Nov. 22 for Thanksgiving at Ted and Allison's, our son and his girl friend in Spokane, WA. At O'Hare Airport we were told to "stand there." We were "body scanned."  No big deal. Then they examined our carry ons! I had some pumpkin shaped candles in Phil's and my bag. When our carry-ons were x-rayed, I guess the candles looked questionable. Once they saw what they were, we were good to go to our gate. It only took us 25 minutes from when we started in line to go through security. Our experiences at O'Hare of going through security have always been very quick.
Ted's ready to put the turkey in the oven.
Out for a walk.  It's snowing again.
Pete's blue cornbread.  He added peppers and Italian sausage.

 We were ready to take off but a thunderstorm delayed us an hour. At last take off. We were surprised to land in Seattle and see snow on the ground. When we left home in Rolling Meadows at 6 am it was 60 degrees. We couldn't leave for Spokane until they brought in a plane from Portland because the scheduled plane was not available. Our timing was right because at 5:30 pm they closed SEA-TAC airport after a cargo plane went off the runway. We were glad to be arrive at Ted and Allison's. We made a trip though the snow to get groceries and Phil made his yummy chicken cattiatore.

                                                                              On Tuesday the four of us went to Ellie's sister and brother-in-law's, Marcy and Bruce for a delicious dinner and lots of good visiting.  As we were going back to Ted and Allison's it was foggy. This is worth mentioning because the temperature was zero!!! It got to minus five degrees that night. Despite the cold and snow packed streets we got out for a walk each day. Temperatures for our walks were about 15 degrees so it was invigorating!

Turkey carving time.  Hitcher is catching juice in midair.
Wednesday Pete and Jeanne Beall, Allison's parents arrived from Lewiston, WA. We all participated in a cooking marathon preparing the Thanksgiving dinner. Pete made blue cornbread that he used for the stuffing. Ted brined the turkey and it was delicious, nice and moist. Marcy and Bruce also joined us on Thursday for our Thanksgiving feast. We had a wonderful visit with the Bealls, Marcy & Bruce and Ted &  Allison despite the cold and snow every day.
A wonderful feast prepared by all these great chefs.

We flew on a GREEN plane.  Environmental green, not Green Bay Packers.
Friday we flew to Seattle to spend time with our daughter, Corrina, her husband, Tait and their children Teagan and Cooper. Grama and Granpa played Skip-po and RLC with Teagan and Cooper. 
A rainbow at the Spokane airport as we were leaving.
Cooper and Granpa Phil
Teagan had fun decorating her gingerbread house.

Teagan making candy cane cookies.
Ellie made spritz cookies and Spumoni cookies. With Teagan and Cooper they made cut out cookies and candy cane cookies.  We also decorated gingerbread houses.  A tradition for 10 years.  Phil was able 
to do some reading.
Cooper is proud of his gingerbread house.
Cooper and Grama Ellie making candy cane cookies.
Corrina and Ellie playing Bananagrams.
Ellie plays Bananagrams with Corrina, Tait and Teagan. We got Oliver their dog out for some good walks. We had a low keyed but relaxing time with the Millers before flying home on Tuesday, November 30.