Sunday, December 27, 2015

Moving West 12/7-12/27/2015

On the road again Dec. 7.  We sold our house of 41 1/3 years.  
Our two vehicles are loaded with the only possessions we kept.
Phil drove the Roadtrek and I drove the Buick.  
I think my Christmas cactus knew we wouldn't be here for Christmas.  
It was in full bloom Nov. 21.                               We also had a snowstorm Nov. 21.
We carry so many memories with us.  We moved in on a "Trivial Day."Aug. 9, 1974.
Gerald Ford was sworn in as President as we made this our home in Rolling Meadows, IL.   We raised our three children, were involved in many activities with them, our community and the Chicago area.  We were avid Chicago Bulls fans in the Jordan era but remained diehard Packer fans.

Our first stop going West was in Macomb, IL to visit with our grandson Jason.  He is a Junior at Western Illinois University.  We stayed overnight at Walmart.

On the road again Tuesday Dec. 8.  To my sister, Claudia and Bob's near Sun Prairie, WI. for lunch.  We had a wonderful visit with them and Bev, my sister and her husband Tom.

Since Dec. 8 is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception we attended a Prayer Service at St Patrick's in Mauston, WI.  We stayed overnight at Flying J, Marston.  Each night we would move things off our bed in the RV so we could find our bed.  In the morning we'd anchor things down again and be on the road.

On the road again Wednesday Dec. 9 to Savage, MN to visit my brother Pat.  When we started the trip Phil said the RV was handling hard.  He had gotten different tires before we left Rolling Meadows but realized an adjustment had to be made. So he stopped at a Goodyear dealer in the Minneapolis area.  We met up along the way.  We stayed overnight at Pilot Truck Center near Alexandria, MN.

On the road again Thursday Dec. 10.  Driving near Spiritwohd, ND I thought the horizon looked interesting.  It can't be mountains already???!!!

As we continued on the road I realized it was low lying clouds.  
Near Richardton, ND
 We stopped at a rest area near Gibbs, ND.  The low lying clouds never produced rain or snow.  But I thought it was interesting.
 Beautiful sunny skies as we get a view of the snow covered mountains near Greycliff, ND.

We stayed overnight at Walmart in Miles City, MT.

On the road again Friday Dec. 11.  There was a little dusting of snow on the vehicles when we got up in the morning but it was melted by the time we were on the road.
 Coming into Butte, MT. we saw our first snow on the ground. Butte is 5540 feet elevation.  In planning our trip I'd seen some mighty cold temperatures at Butte so we made sure we didn't stay overnight there. We stayed overnight at Missoula, MT Walmart.

On the road again Saturday Dec. 13

Once again a dusting of snow in the morning but by the time but the roads were good.  We were so blessed with good road conditions.  Traveling across North Dakota and Montana we could have run into some mighty fierce storms.  This is near Huson, MT.  
Near Alberton, MT. it was a winter long as the roads were clear it's beautiful.
Traveling in the shadows of Lewis and Clark.  
Crossing the Columbia  River.
We made it.....over 2.200 miles.  We arrived at Ted (our son) and Allison's. Saturday afternoon.
Sorry, no photos of them but Phil with their dogs, Hitcher and Brixie.  

On the road again Sunday Dec. 14.  We attended Mass at St Thomas More.
They seem to be a very dynamic Parish.

On the road again Monday Dec. 14 to the Spokane Senior Center to play Bridge.  Phil found them on-line.  We had a great time.

On the road Tuesday Dec. 15 to get our driver's license.  We started the process to get the license for the Roadtrek but it involved going to a dealer to get a quote on the price of the Roadtrek.

On the road again Wednesday Dec. 16 to the Motor Vehicle Dept. to get our license.  We had to pay a tax of the worth of the vehicle.  Once that was accomplished we were able to go to St. Thomas More Parish Center to play Bridge.  We had a great time again.

On the road again Thursday Dec. 17 to look at condos with a realtor.  We didn't find anything we really liked.  But at least we started looking.
No traveling on Friday Dec. 18 because of the snowfall in western Washington.
Looking out Ted and Allison's backyard to the Riverside State 
On the road again Saturday Dec. 19.  The winter wonderland roads were good.
The "lake that goes forever" near Cle Elum.
Ski Lifts at Snoqualmie Pass.  

Snoqualmie Pass Summit.
Ahh, we made it to Corrina and Tait's near Seattle.  We got there several hours before their Annual Christmas party that we have heard about for years.  We enjoyed visiting with family and friends.
We attended Mass at St. John Vianney on Sundays and Christmas Day.
We had a wonderful 8 days preparing for and celebrating Christmas with Corrina, Tait, Teagan and Cooper.  We went to the bar the 2 Sundays to watch the Packers games, went to Teagan's basketball game, got out for some good walks and just time hanging out together.