Thursday, July 25, 2013

Spokane, Seattle and homeward bound, 7/14 to 7/25/13
Sunday July 14 we attended Mass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes.
Phil wore a Green Bay Packer shirt and several guys gave him a "thumbs up."
Packer fans all over the country.
Marcy and Bruce hosted a picnic in honor of Ted and Allison at their beach at Newman Lake.

A great time was had by all!!! Once again Spokane weather was great, sunny and 80 degrees.
Things quieted down at Newman lake by Monday.  Bruce installed a battery monitor for our RV.
Thank you so very much, Bruce.
Monday we four sisters and husbands went out to eat.  What a great family time this week is.

On the road Wednesday July 17 to Kenmore, WA to visit our daughter, Corrina, her husband, Tait and children, Teagan and Cooper.  

It was game time with the family.  I learned a new game...that I have heard a lot about...Mexican Train.  We also played Bananagrams and the card game "3 - 13."  Corrina, Teagan and Cooper watched a cooking show with me.  On the show they made cream puffs so the next day Teagan and Cooper made cream puffs with just a little supervision from Grama.  I don't remember ever making cream puffs.  They are way ahead of me.  
Saturday July 20 we went to Mass at St. John Vianney in Kirkland.  We have attended Mass here many times.  This time I was really touched....they sang the Gloria using the exact melody that we sing at home.  All their music was very vibrant and faith inspiring.

These beautiful roses in front of the altar seem to be homegrown.  Gorgeous!

We attended Cooper's Swim Meet.  There were hundreds of kids.

 He was in three relay events.  Here are the markings for Event No. 10.

Waiting his turn for Event 32.
In he goes.
Cheering his buddies on.
By the time of his Event No. 68 it was getting dark.  We stayed to watch the last 6 events:
the high school kids.  They were exciting to watch.
Tait, Teagan, Phil, Ellie, Cooper and Corrina.
On the road again Monday July 22.  We stopped to get fuel (diesel)
and found this little chapel by the gas station in North Bend, WA.  Also chatted with
a couple from Ohio who were traveling to the west coast on their motorcycle.
It was foggy in the hills.

But eventually it cleared up.  We met Ted and Allison, Marcy and Bruce for dinner in Spokane.
We stayed at Marcy and Bruce's on Monday night.  
On the road again Tuesday July 23.
We thought we would go to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone but decided to head home.  We stayed at Town Pump, Livingston, MT on Tuesday night.   We met a most interesting fellow Roadtrekker, Karen, who has been traveling solo since May.  But now she has her granddaughter with her.  As usual we meet so many amazing people.

On the road again Wednesday July 24.  We traveled 765 miles today.  We stayed at Walmart in Mitchell, South Dakota.  We must have been near a cattle yard.  I could hear them baying in the night.
On the road again Thursday July 25.  We got fuel and coffee before hitting the road.  Interesting "Specialities" sold at the Deli of the gas station.  We got home at 8 pm.  Whew, we traveled 5,029 miles.

I love going over the photos from Ted and Allison's wedding.  What a wonderful, wonderful celebration of them and of family and friends.  We also appreciate learning more about Iowa, Nebraska and Wyoming.  We are so blessed to be able to travel our fine country.

To share the words of a fellow Roadtrekker:  "Living life to its fullest, while able to do so
No couch potatoes here!"

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ted & Allison's parties and wedding, 7-12 and 13, 2013

Lunch at the Alehouse July 12
Ted asking nieces and nephews to help at his wedding.

Wine tasting bar

Partying continued in Abby's room


Saturday July 13 breakfast at Frank's Diner