Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Pasadena and San Marino, CA 12/29/2015

On the road again Tuesday Dec. 30.  25 this morning, brr.  To the bus by 7 am.  We weren’t last this time.
We arrived early but were entertained and were participants of a “Drumming” Program.  As we entered we were all given small drums and a drum stick.  
  The leaders were excellent and made the 45 minutes pass quickly.  It was great fun.

Pasadena City College Tournament of Roses Herald Trumpets opened the show.
  Pasadena City College Tournament of Roses Honor Band

  Round Rock High School Dragon Band from 
Round Rock, Texas
Lakota West Marching Firebirds from West Chester Ohio
 The Band raised $600,000 to come to the Rose Parade and activities.
 Helsingor Pigegarde Elsinore Girls Marching Band from Hornbaeck, Denmark
 Temple City Band
O’Fallon Township High School, O’Fallon, IL

Back on the bus we received the box lunch we had ordered when we registered for the Rally.  Because our next stop was the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens, San Marino.
First was going to be the Chinese Gardens but we saw signs for a Stone Show so checked that out.

Then stopped at the Conservatory.  I couldn’t take good photos because it was so warm and humid that my camera lens fogged up.
Pavilion of the Three Friends in the Chinese Garden 

 Interesting rocks

Japanese Garden
 Japanese House.  First it started to drizzle, then rain.  Oops, left our umbrellas in the bus, so hustled off to the art exhibits.   
 But still I had to stop to take photos as we passed thru the Rose Garden.
 The Huntington  Art Gallery was originally the Huntington’s residence.

 Lawrence’s Pinkie
 Gainsborough’s Blue Boy 
Display of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales in the Main Exhibition Hall
Gutenberg Bible on vellum
 Audubon’s The Birds of America (life size drawings)
 Breakfast in Bed, Mary Cassatt in the Gallery of American Art.  

What an exceptional place to visit.  I think because of the rain we were forced inside which was good.  The artwork was so impressive to see.  So much amazing art and one of a kind manuscripts.

Another outstanding day.

Monday, December 29, 2014

EquaFest, Burbank, CA 12/29/2014

On the road again Tuesday Dec. 29 to EquaFest Burbank, CA.

We got to sleep in.  Temperature was 28 in the morning.  We didn’t have to get to the bus until 8:45.  We were the last couple (altho Phil had been there earlier, he waited for me to get our seats).  There are 55 on our Rose Parade Rally.  The bus seat 56.  So we sat at the very end of the bus facing backwards. But we were able to visit with a couple from Wisconsin.  They sold their house and have been full time RVing.

There were many vendors and other exhibits.   
 These men represent the US Cavalry in Bataan, Philippines, 

The father of one of the men.  The father was a Philippine who served in WW I.

The uncle served in WW II.  We have heard so much about the Bataan Death March.

A Catahoola rescue service dog and his handler.
 Interesting to hear the stories of taking the dog out to find lost people.
This dog breed is the state dog of Louisiana.  They  

What a treat to stand next to a Budweiser Clydesdale!!!  
And Smokey the Bear was with the US Forest Service.
These gals are promoting the Old Spanish Festival for the city of Santa Barbara.
The Color Guard for the opening of the EquaFest.
This Dancing horse did a lots of steps and maneuvers.
Another Dancing horse.
Medieval competition

Rope twirling on this horse.  (what's the real name, I forgot)

A proud 6 year winner of competition.

Mule train with the US Forest Service
Victorian Ladies.

Hawaiian hula dancers
Tina Turner gals

US Cavalry

What I thought was the most thrilling part of the show.

 They performed a maneuver in front of us.
one last look at these beautiful horses.

We had Mexican dinner back at the campground with our fellow Escapees.  Another full day.