Friday, December 26, 2014

Nixon Library, Yorba Linda, CA 12/26/2014

On the road again Friday Dec. 26
Awesome horses getting across the road.  Leaving Jojoba Hills Escapee Park.

  Richard Nixon's Library, Yorba Linda.

 We find it interesting to visit the Presidential Libraries.  The early years of Nixon were very informative.  After losing the 1960 Presidential campaign to Kennedy Nixon wrote Six Crises.
Hiss Case, Fund Crises, Eisenhower's Heart Attack, Kitchen Debate with Khrushchev and Campaign of 1960.
 Flags of the countries Nixon was an influential diplomat.
Leonid Brezhmev and Khrushchev
 An war el Sada and Golda Meir
 Chou En Lai and Mao Tse-tung

Nixon reestablished relations with China.
 Beautiful painting on silk was a gift from China.
 Gold Collar Grand of Nile is the Highest Award.  It was given from Sadat in 1974.
Photo of the Berlin Wall
 In the Presidential Library one room depicts his presidency.  Nixon wanted the Lincoln Sitting Room.  It was a cozy family room for him to work in and be with his family.
 As you can guess there are Christmas trees everywhere.

 Crocheted Presidential Seal was a gift Nixon received.
 Crocheted U. S. Flag.  I have been crocheting for a local hospital so find these thing interesting.
 A very in depth display on Watergate.
We were able to go in the Presidential helicopter but not take photos.
Reflection pond leading
 The house Richard M. Nixon was born in Yorba Linda.

Nixon played piano, sax, violin and clarinet.

 Julie and Tricia with their Grandparents.
 The five Nison brothers.
 Things in the home are authentic to the family.

 Do you find it amazing that his Mom had w Presidential cookbook.
California Cooler.  Wire mesh allows cool air from the foundation to circulate through the closet.

 Bathtub of the era.
 Replica of the East Room.  They were setting up for a wedding reception.

 Tree with the Presidential ornament
 Tree with ornaments of the First Ladies.

We stayed at Pilot in Castaic, CA.

Another interesting day.

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