Thursday, December 25, 2014

Aguangua, CA 12/24 & 25/2014

We arrived at the Jojoba Hills Escapees Resort, Aguangus, CA after dark.  Originally we thought we'd go to Nixon's Library on 12/24 and would stay a different place.  BUT.....We had put in another campground but somehow we ended up heading to Jojoba Hills.  Rather than to turn around we continued.  Best plans after all.

Because we would have arrived after office hours on Christmas Eve they gave us the code to enter.  So on 12/23 we entered.  Yes, the office was closed.  So we drove to the clubhouse.  We walked in and Phil said to those gathered, we're lost.  I said, no, we found the Happy Hour.

The people warmly invited us to join them.  We had a great time getting to know them.  They said there was a chili dinner on Christmas Eve.  They invited us to their "Boomers" Christmas dinner on Thursday.  We were so glad to be there.

We found our boon docking site and settled in for the night.

Wednesday Christmas Eve Dec. 24 after I washed clothes and we had lunch we walked up to the clubhouse.
 Love these clay pot people.  I thought of making one but never got around to it.

They have Bridge every day at 1 pm so we thought we'd give it a try.  One guy showed up.  he called 3 other people to see if he could get a 4th but no luck.  We had a great visit with him and learned more about the Resort.

We returned to the clubhouse for the Chili Dinner at 5 pm.  Four couples joined up.  We enjoyed visiting with them.  It was interesting to be at the table with a couple from IL and MN.
 As we were walking back to our rv we saw a couple who owned a Roadtrek.
 Bonnie and David had taken the tour of the Resort so they knew we could visit in this trailer.
 Someone donated the trailer and it was converted into an art studio.
 The work on display was phenomenal.  This is a very vibrant Escapee Park.  They have so many activities going on every day.  There is a tennis court and gorgeous pool.  Bonnie and David are going to Pasadena to decorate a Rose Bowl Parade float.  They signed up online.  I'm eager to hear about their experience.  they are from Vermont and have been traveling in their 1993 Roadtrek since Oct.

On the road again Christmas Day Thursday Dec. 25.
 We drove 18 miles to Temecula, CA to St Catherine of Alexandria Church.  It is a huge church.  At Communion time there were 18 Communion ministers.
 My photo doesn't do justice to this crucifix.
 At the beginning of Mass the priest walked in holding Baby Jesus high.  It was so very emotional for me.  As we sang Silent Night memories came back of so many Christmas past, like when I was in a school pageant, going to Midnight Mass as newlyweds and so many more memories.
 On the sides of the church are the four Evangelists.

 Interesting on the road between Temecula and Jojoba Hills Resort.

We joined the "Boomers" for Christmas dinner.  What a welcoming group.  One couple wanted a tour of our Roadtrek.  They are thinking of getting one.  We went back to the party but Phil had a cold so he went back to our rv for a nap.  I played apple to Apple for 1/2 hour they said thanks for the great time and went "home."

We talked to our kids and grandson so had family time with them and with new friends.

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