Saturday, December 20, 2014

California Here We Come, 12/17-12/20/2014

On the roads again Wednesday Dec 17 at 12:20 pm.   There's always so much to pack and last minute things to do. Finally, on the road.   It was overcast with a few spots of sunshine.

It was dark when we passed the Gateway Arch and Bush Stadium in St. Louis.  There were so many beautiful and festive Christmas decorations along the highway. We stayed at the Flying J truck stop at Sullivan, MO.

On the road again Thursday Dec. 18 at 7:45 am. When we got up we were surprised to see snow. But the roads were clear. So we had smooth driving. We saw "Sho Me Power."  We're in Missouri. Also saw fields of green growth (maybe winter wheat) and vineyards. We stayed at the Flying J truck stop in Sayre, OK.

On the road again Friday Dec. 19 at 6:45 and it was dark!!!!  It was foggy the first 90 minutes.  We passed through lots of small town.  One was Hereford, TX, the Beef Capital.  Interesting sight: a snowman made of a tier of tires.  I've been seeing lots of dormant fields and some with winter wheat.   Lots of cattle and lots of trains coming and going.
In New Mexico the soil has changed to red and beige.  Also see lots of cholla cactus.  In front of a Moving Company was a snowman made of packing boxes.
We drove though White Sands National Monument.  A stunning place to visit.

 We have visited there in 2012 but had to drive through again.  It is so awesome. We arrived at Dream Catcher RV Park, Deming,  NM at 4:55 in the daylight!  We thought we could de-winterize but it's predicted to be 25 in the morning so, no, we won't. As we walked after supper we marveled at the crisp bright stars.
Awesome sunrise at 6 am as we go for showers.

On the road again Saturday Dec. 20 at 7:06 and we have daylight already.  It was 26 in the morning but it didn't feel so cold...must be the dry air.
 We drove pass acres and acres of walnut orchards and later pistachio orchards.  After we passed Tucson I was surprised to see cotton fields.
 After we passed Picacho Peak we saw lots and lots of saguaro cactus.  I think they are so interesting.  As we traveled along I-8 there were irrigated vegetable fields in the desert.
 As we entered California we could see dune buggies driving around Imperial Sand Dune Rcreation Area.
 Traveling on I-8 amazed at how rocky (boulders, really) the area is.

We drove to William Heise Park outside of Julian, CA.  The Park was recommended by other Roadtrekkers.  We didn't realize we would be traveling 30 miles of windy hilly roads AND it turned dark before we arrived.  We were so grateful when we arrived.

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