Monday, August 11, 2014

Williams Lake to U.S.A. 8/11/2014

On the road again Monday August 11
We stayed overnight at the Williams Lake Visitors Center.
We said goodbye to Tom and Linda, our travel companions as they were going east and we west.
Scenery continues to be awesome.
Passing through the town of Lac La Hache.  
The "longest town in Cariboo" stretches 11 miles along Hwy. 97 and the river.
Sprinklers in the fields.

This area is semi arid with hot dry summers and cold dry winters.
I can't resist sharing.
Cache Creek is called the Arizona of British Columbia
We are starting our descent from the west side of the Rockies.
Which also means lots of curves.

At the Canadian border at Abbotsford we waited about 15 minutes to get to the Customs Agent.  All was going well till he asked if we had vegetables.  Yes, carrot and celery.  "That's ok."  And a red and green peppers.  "That's not ok.  Give them to me."  Oops, I bought them Sat. at Safeway. Wish I had eaten them.  At least I only paid a dollar for each.  Not like in Valdez where I paid $3 for a red pepper.

Yeah, back in the U.S.A.  We had to weave through the small towns of Sumas, Nooksack,  Everson and farmland before getting to I-5 and heading to Seattle.

We arrived at Corrina and Tait's, our daughter and son-in-law's about 5:30.  96 degrees.  Wow, not used to this hot temperature but so very great to see family.

We traveled 10,000 miles in 67 days.  At least 500 miles were gravel roads.  We saw spectacular scenery and so much wildlife.  That bears repeating:  We saw spectacular scenery and so much wildlife.  We only made campground reservations on time:  at Denali National Park.  We had no difficulty finding places to stay.

Highly recommend traveling through Alaska AND taking the ferry.

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