Monday, August 4, 2014

Sitka, AK 8/4/2014

On the road again Monday Aug. 4
Placards at Old Sitka Historic Site:  the first Russian settlement in 1799.
 The long journey to purchase and sell the sea otter furs.
 At the Sitka Historical Museum
The raising of the U.S. flag at the transfer of ownership of Alaska in 1867. 
 Display honoring the Coast Guard 50th anniversary in Sitka.

Tlingit Chief in Ceremonial dress
 Ravens ever present in Tlingit artwork.
 Alexander Baranof.  Doesn't he look like a stern Governor.
We toured the second floor of the Bishop's House.  When he saw the home the Russian American Co. built for him he thought he had a most magnificent home.
 An original leather bag.
 In every room is an icon.
 Bedroom of the Bishop
 He built his desk.
 Parlor where he entertained Russian nobility.

We took a self guided trail through the Sitka National Historic Park.  I listened to the Park's interesting explanation of the 13 totem poles on phone.

 13 Totem poles.

 Items on display in the Visitors Center.

 Canoe paddles
 Tlingit ornately carved and painted Bentwood box
 Beautifully carved symbols of Alaska
 The 1,255 ft bridge to Japonski Island completed in 1972 was the first gird-span bridge in the U. S.
 Sitka is protected from the Pacific Ocean by numerous small islands.
Outlook high atop Castle Hill 
where the transfer of ownership from Russia to the U. S. was completed.

The dancers will perform tomorrow when 1,840 cruise passengers will arrive.  
We are enjoying visiting without all those tourists.
 Russian Blockhouse is a replica of the fort that separated the Russian and Tlingit cultures.

From our campsite we took a walk to Starrigavan Creek because we heard the bears may be going after the salmon.  We didn't see the bears but had an unbelievable treat.

Two couples were also watching the salmon run and they had a Jack Russell terrier.  The dog as was excited about the fish so the owners said "go get em."  She sure did.  She ran in around the stream trying to catch one and finally did.  It was amazing to see this little dog wrestling the fish after she caught it.

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