Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sitka, AK 8/5/2014

On the road again Tuesday Aug. 5.  Happy Anniversary to Marcy and Bruce, 
my sister and her husband.  Best wishes for many many more.
We returned to the Sitka National Park 
Before this trip I didn't understand the salmon "running" and their life cycle.  Now I do.  

In the Visitors Center a craftsman showed us carving techniques.
Tlingit ceremonial masks.

She is making this for her granddaughter.

We took a Ranger led hike through the Park learning more about totem poles.

The Ranger pointed out how exacting the carvers are.
You can see the texture they carve onto the wood.
What better to represent Alaska at the Worlds Fair in St. Louis in 1904...Totem poles.
In the Visitor Center totem poles that were in a clan house.
Is it a flamingo or a raven?
We visited Tommy Joseph, a renowned carver.

In his Rainforest Gallery 

Tom and Linda took us to lunch to celebrate Phil's birthday.
The islands we are visiting have limited paved roads.   We camped at one end and drove to the other.

We took the 6 pm ferry from Sitka.  We are on our way to Ketchikan.  We'll arrive in 22 hours.
It's very hard to get good photos of the whales at 10 pm.  But exciting to see them.
10:30 pm.  Time to get some sleep.

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