Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sitka, AK 8/3/2014

On the ferry again Sunday August 3
Up early (4 am)  to check in at the terminal for our catamaran ride to Sitka.  
We left at 6 am.  Look how high the sun is already.
Fishermen out on Sunday morning.
Whale blowing his stack, dipping his tail.

We traveled very slowly through Peril Strait.

Water like glass.
Looks like northern Wisconsin but we are a lot father north.
Abandoned boat.

Fishing boat and a inter-island ferry.
Mesmerizing scenery.
Sitka is a charming town of 9,000 and loaded with history:  Tlingit, Russian and American.          St. Michael Russian Orthodox Church amidst downtown Sitka.

 Fishing is the mainstay of the economy.  I just marvel over the incredibly gorgeous astibles.

We learned a lot about Totem poles.  It's not good to be on the top.  The place of honor is to be on the bottom.

This totem pole has Alexander Baranov on the top.  He was the manager of the Russian American Company and the first governor.  He built a trading post and fort in 1799 but it was burned in battle by the Tlingits in 1802.  He returned and defeated the Tlingits in 1804.

In 1809 Sitka became the capital of Russian Alaska.  When sea otters were nearly depleted Russia no longer had use for this seemingly unproductive land.

Pioneer Home for the elderly was built in 1934.
The Prospector is a 13 foot clay and bronze statue.  It was erected in 1949.
Don't know the story but see these charming knit & crocheted items on the posts around town.

Bishop's House was built in 1843 for the first Russian Orthodox missionary

Bishop Innocent was a remarkable missionary who learned the language of the Tlingit people.  He also taught them masonry, carpentry, blacksmith as well as the word of God.  He learned their language and customs.
St Peter Episcopal Church was established in 1896.
A Tlingit Ceremonial Canoe
We stayed at Starrigavan Campground.  We just marvel at the serene lush forest.

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