Saturday, August 9, 2014

Prince Rupert & East 8/9/2014

On the road again Saturday August 9.

Phil woke me at what I thought was 7:30 am. It was 2 am before we settled in bed this morning.  Actually it was 8:30 because we changed from Alaska time to Pacific time.  We talked with some of the others who were overnight at Walmart and shopped there.  One couple was from New Zealand.  We had breakfast at Tim Horton's and used the free WiFi to check our emails.  (We keep our phones on airplane mode in Canada.)
Certain things catch my eye....this old farm girl!
Driving around Prince Rupert

A fisherman left Japan and was never seen again but his boat showed up here.   In finding out who and where it came from it was learned the two cities were sister cities.
Amazing murals around Prince Rupert.

 The weather was misty but the landscape was so stunning and lush.

Tiny Chapel for the community of Usk is a replica of a pioneer church that was on the other side of the river until the community and church were swept away by a flood in 1936.  The only item to survive was a Bible which was found floating atop a small pine table.

How do we find these little gems?  Our trusted Milepost book has been a wealth of information.  754 pages of information for roads to travel and things to see, where to stay, etc.  

A tribute to those working in the forestry industry.

Mesmerizing Moricetown Canyon and Falls is a First nation fishing spot

They are netting salmon.

Seeing many farm fields.
A good hike out to Twin Falls and Glacier Gulch
Atop the falls are misting & farther water shooting hard and fast like from a fire hose.
On the right the water is just gently falling of the rocks.
We attended Mass at Smithers, B. C.
We stayed overnight at Safeway and could use their WiFi.

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