Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ketchikan, AK 8/6/2014

On the ferry again Wednesday August 6.  Happy Birthday to Phil and Happy 48th Anniversary for the two of us.  In our wildest dreams we would never have envisioned the wonderful opportunities we have experienced.

When we made our ferry reservation there weren't any cabins available.  Yesterday when we got on the ferry we tried to pick some place we could sleep at.   We chose a booth that also overlooked the water.  After 10:30 Phil found a chair because he wanted to read and doze.  I had a hard time sleeping on the booth seat.  My legs too long.  I got up at 3 am and found Phil.  He said others were sleeping in the theater.  I went to check it out.   I did what others did,  put cushions on the floor.  Then I could stretch out and get some good sleep.

At 5 am they announced we are coming into Petersburg so I got up.  When we docked Phil and I went down to our RV to have breakfast.  When not docked passengers are not allowed on the car (RV) deck.
Passing the Matanuska Ferry that we will take on Friday from Ketchikan.
 When we stopped at Wrangell I went to the RV again. 
I made some sandwiches and brought some snacks for lunch.  
Look a Roadtrek is getting on.
 A beautiful day.
 Approaching Ketchikan a cruise ship was leaving so we had to wait for it to pass.
We talked with passengers who had to take the Inter Island ferry to the airport.  The airport is across the channel from the city of Ketchikan.   The last ferry to the airport is at 5:15.  
We were supposed to dock at 4 pm but it was closer to 4:45.   We're sure they made it.
We parked on a very steep hill (experiencing a lot of them on these islands).
Ketchikan is the called the first city because it is the first port on the Inside Passage cruise stops.

We had a wonderful birthday and anniversary dinner at Bar Harbor restaurant.
We stayed overnight at Walmart.

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