Thursday, October 31, 2013

Little Rock, AK & homeward bound, 10/30 & 31/2013

On the road again Wednesday Oct. 30
 We stayed overnight along the Arkansas River.
 Wow, the spectacular colors at sunrise at 7 am.

 As we crossed the River on the Clinton Presidential Park Bridge we see a barge traveling the river.

Bill Clark Presidential Wetland

 The Oval Office in Bill Clinton's Presidential Library
Remember pictures of John Kennedy Jr. peeking out from under the desk.

Cabinet Room

 Second floor of the Library.
 First floor, left side first administration.
 Second administration years.

 Hillary Clinton's Emmy for reading her book:  It takes a Village.

Very impressive Library/Museum.
For each month of Clinton's Presidential years there are binders with the daily activities.
Each hour was planned out.

 Staff for one State event.

To celebrate the Millennium the Crystal Tree was on display in the White House
from New Year's Eve until March 2000

 Gifts to the Clintons

 Mangatral Pearl castle

Impressive jade from the Chinese government.

Arkansas razorback.
A stunning exhibit of Oscar de la Renta's fashions and video of his life.
He designed for Nancy Reagan, Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton.
 He loved using floral treatment.

Spanish influence

Dresses worn by movie stars.

Heifer International
 They no longer ship animals from the U. S. but give local animals.

At the Arkansas Nature Center we saw a white fish.
 Exhibits highlight the role of fish and wildlife management 

Historic Arkansas Museum & Gallery
Hickory wood carving
 "corduroy" rosewood with gingko
 1900 Little Rock Fire Department Steamer
 Firemen practicing someone jumping from a window.  As a kid I always marveled over this feat.
 Osage medicine box
  Chair made in 1930

 Exhibit on the American Indians and the European interaction.
 Mid 20th Century Osage Dance Suit
 Excellent exhibit on Bowie Knives
We stayed again at Little Rock RV Park & Pavilion.

On the road again Thursday Oct. 31
These are bales (huge bales) of cotton.  

We arrive home at 7:40.  We traveled 4435 miles.  Once again another great trip, so many new and interesting things.  Now have to get busy and clean the yard and prepare for winter.  
And dream of our next trip.