Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Liberal, KS & Dalhart, TX 10/2/13 continued

Oct 2 on the road. Continued...been having some problems posting so breaking this day into two segments. Also been slow posting because because we have been busy sight seeings.

We are in CORN country. Saw many huge piles of corn.

The Land of Oz in Liberal, KS was on the way so I thought we had to check it out. A guy from Liberal, KS at a restaurant in California told the waitress he was from Kansas. If you came to Kansas what would you want to see? She replied, the Land of Oz. Eventually the town built the Land of Oz.

Yellow brick road.

Dorothy's house with the cellar to the right.

Chairs for sale in the gift store.

Captain-General Francisco Vasquez de Coronado searched in Kansas for the Cities of Gold.

Grocery store display in Liberal's museum.

Check out these prices.

My Mom used to buy McNess products.

Early 1900's doctor office.

Intricate lacework.

Sioux Indian saddle.

We visisted the XIT Ranch Museum in Dalhart, TX. But before TX we passed through Texhoma, OK.

XIT branding iron was only one stroke, need to be applied five times to get the brand.

Cowboys did NOT wear blue jeans but canvas or duck fabric pants either black or brown color.

Interesting display about the homemakers in the 1940's.

Beating the mattress stuffing to make it comfortable.

My parents repaired cane chairs like the one on the left.

Many ladies made dresses out of feed sacks.

Young ladies modeling dresses they made using turkey feathers.

I helped my Dad milk cows in a milking parlor but not as big as this one.

When a farm has a lot of cows there's a lot of waste to dispose of. A farm near the farm where I grew up uses methane for the power for their farm. They have several thousand cows.

We passed acres and acres of Holsteins. This could be the farm the Museum was referring to....the production of methane gas.

We have been traveling wide open fields. Seen wind mills, trains passing by and beautiful blue skies. What an amazing and interesting country we live in. So grateful we are able to explore it.

We stayed overnight at Flying J, Tucumcari, NM. Lots of RV'ers. Phil talked to a guy parked next to us. He is delivering a small bus (maybe 15 people capacity) to Phoenix. He was from Michigan.

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