Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Santa Fe, 10/15/13 (PART 1)

On the road again Tuesday Oct. 15.  NOT!  We thought we would be on the road.   We thought we would get the rv fixed and be on the road today.  Phil dropped me off at a laundromat at 7:45 and went for the appointment.  Sad news, they didn't have all the parts needed.  They had to get a part from Albuquerque.  It would be here tomorrow.

Oh, by the way, happy anniversary to our daughter, Corrina and her husband, Tait.  Best wishes to you and your kids.
               So we went to the New Mexico Capitol.  Here is a sculpture titled "When Friends Meet."
Tribute to Native Americans
Earth Mother
Morning Prayer

There was a display of handcrafted books using a wide variety of materials.

We signed up a tour of the Capitol at 3 pm.

We went to lunch at Tecolote.  It was delicious.  Phil had Kitchen Sink, can't remember what all in it.  He loved it.  I had tortilla soup.  it was served with deicious fresh muffins.

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