Monday, October 21, 2013

NASA, Houston, TX 10/21/2013

On the road again Oct. 21 to get our RV checked out.  We thought it would be the resonator again but turned out being the mass air flow sensor.  They got it fixed by noon and we were again thrilled to be on the road….but driving through Houston is not like driving in the country.  
To NASA Space Center:  National Aeronautic & Space Administration
NASA is the Center for space flight training, research and flight control.
We took a tram tour.
We climbed up 14 flights of stairs to get to Mission Control Center.  It was like going up a lighthouse.
Armstrong, Collins and Aldrich

 Training Center

Space suits

 Home of Saturn V

Can you see Phil inside the Cupola?

 Sleeping buckled in!
the John, with handles to hold you in so you don't float around. 

 We visited a "Machine in Motions" exhibit in Spokane, WA.    
 Machine to measure distance.
Comparison to Da Vinci's designs and current day.
He was a remarkable inventor, designer and so many other atributes.
Armored vehicle.

It was so impressive to visit this Center.  Suggested minimum time was 5 hours.  We had less than 4 hours but still saw A Lot.  We stayed at Walmart in Texas City, Tx.  

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