Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lindsborg & Hutchinson, KS 10/1/13

On the road again Tuesday, Oct. 1.

We hoped to tour the Eisenhower Library in Abilene, KS but the government closed it down.

Using the Abilene Visitors Center's suggestion we toured the delightful town of Lindsborg.

There are "A Herd of Wild Dala Horses" on display.

Hemslojd (Swedish for handicraft) is a horse factory, gift store and "Adventure in Swedish traditions."

At the Old Mill Museum was a display of Oscar Gunnarson's work.

Oscar Gunnarson created interesting figurines using concrete. Not for sale but for people to admire in his shop.

We toured the Mill where they processed wheat.

Samples of the different steps in milling flour.

The Swedish Pavilion used at the St. Louis World Fair in 1904.

We toured the Underground Salt Mine, Hutchinson, KS. 650 ft. Deep in the earth!!!!
The mine is working a vein 400 ft thick, 150 miles wide & 200 miles long. It can produce 30 trillion tons of salt. This block is pure salt, cut out in 2004. It weighs 6,000 pounds.

Used to cut into the walls.
What comes down stays down....lots of old vehicles, even garbage.
Low ceilings.
Crushed salt.
We took a train ride, so very interesting to hear about the mining.
The ceiling fell. Constant inspections are done to insure safety.
We stayed at Walmart in Pratt, KS. A very interesting day.

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