Thursday, October 17, 2013

Lubbock & Sweetwater, Tx 10/17/13, part 2

On the road again Thursday Oct. 17 in Lubbock & Sweetwater, TX, part 2
To the America Wind Power Center and Museu
Phil in front of a wind turbine.
Ellie is the black speck in front of the center of the wind turbine stretched on the ground.
This amazing mural is 34 ft by 172 ft.  It is past, present and future of wind mills.
 In the 1700's Wind mills were wooden and built on the ground before raised by horses.
LaGina Fairbetter, the artist, researched and every detail is authentic.
Notice EVERY building has a wind mill.  This was the only source of water.
This building is a renowned Harvey House.
Men atop to repair the windmill.
 The windmill closest to the house stores energy to batteries.
The wheelbarrow has batteries.

Current day wind mills:  turbines.

Iron turbine sold in 1876.

This windmill has the ability to change to benefit the winds different directions.

Interesting story that farmers didn't want squirrels as their windmill weight.  Squirrels ate their crops.
A tornado whipped metal rod around this windmill part.
In 1621 Flowerdew Post (brown) Mill was the first wind mill built in North America.
Avenger Field, Sweetwater, TX was the training site for women pilots.  
WASP:  Women Airforce Service Pilots
At the National WASP WW II Museum

From 1942 to 1944 these first women to fly U. S. military planes logged 60 million miles,
ferrying military aircraft to bases nationwide.

Women flew 77 different types of aircraft.

The Link Trainer was used by the glider flights also.
Interesting to watch a video of this pilot.  

She flew a plane with a white flag attached.  The flag was used for target practice by the male pilots.
The WASP women were civilians and not recognized as being in the armed forces.  
In 2010 they were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal.

Fifinella was used as the mascot for the WASP.

What an interesting Museum as were all our stops today.  so much variety in our country.

We stayed at Flying J in Abilene, TX.  Ready for some R & R after our power sight seeing!!!

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