Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Galveston, TX 10/22/2013

On the road again Tuesday Oct. 22 to Galveston
We watched a video about the devastating Hurricane of 1900.
The film was done by sketches with dramatic music.  Excellent production of a tragic event. 

 The seawall is 7 miles long.  When built it was the longest sidewalk in the country.
 At the Texas Seaport Museum we watched the video:  Passage to Galveston: The Story of Elissa.  The story of the ship's discovery, purchase and restoration


History of Ships
 Elissa's travels
 In geography class as a kid I remember hearing how treacherous it was to go around Cape Horn.


Restoration of the deck.
 First of three steps of sealing the planks.
 Step 2.
Step 3.
 Applying pitch.


 Galveston was the Ellis Island of Texas.

 The Rosenberg Library is the oldest free public library in continuous operation in Texas.
 It has many museum items.  Here is Moro armor.
 Japanese Samurai armor helmet and face mask.

 We walked to the Gulf.
 You can see the shortest part of the seawall.
 We chatted with some travelers from Ohio.

We are staying at Bayou Shores Resort on Galveston Bay.

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