Monday, October 7, 2013

Albuquerque, NM 10/7/2013

On the road again Monday Oct 7
 Phil was up and out before me today.  I heard talking outside, got up and....what a delight.  Here they come again.  Some of them right over our rv.
 It's a little after 7 am.  The sun hasn't full made it over the Sandia Mountains.

Line up of some of the Roadtreks by the landing field.  The Balloon Fest RV organizers put the Roadtreks bordering the Field becasue we are shorter than Call A and Class C rvs.

 Right over our rv.

                                                                     He landed.

 Humpty Dumpty about to tke a fall.

 Phil and  Obey chatting.
 Phil taking pictures.
Some of the 60 Roadtreks driven by joyous owners who certainly enjoyed this extravaganza!!!  Gradually people were heading out for more travels.  We said fond "see you down the road" to those we have met before and look forward to meeting up again.  Also said adios to new friends.
Tom, Linda, Sharon, Denny, Phil and I finally found time to go to the Balloon Museum.
                                                             First Hot air balloon.

Trying to cross the Atlantic

Double Eagle was the first Balloon to cross the Atlantic.
Basket they rode in.
The pilots used regular lawn chairs to sit for their journey across the Atlantic.

Steve Fossett used the red tube to acclimate his body to high altitudes.

Wicker is still the best for making baskets.

 What an interesting Museum.  We had a tour by a very informed Docent.

Tom, Linda, Denny, Sharon, Phil and I traveled to Turquoise Trail Campground north of Albuquerque.  We had a great evening with lots more visiting, some Baileys and hot chocolate compliments again f Sharon and Denny.

What a great time we have had.

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