Sunday, October 6, 2013

ABQ Balloon Fest 10/6/13

On the road again Sunday Oct. 6 by shuttle bus to the greatest color show on my humble opinion!
I woke at 6 am and knew I wouldn't get back to sleep. Phil decided to sleep in. 
 I bundled up in warm clothes, hat and mittens and caught a shuttle bus to the Launch Field.
Oh, the spectacular colors continues to amazed me.  
The sun hasn't come over the mountains so the colors are not real sharp yet.

There maybe were 7,000 people I heard and 500 balloons going up. But the field is huge.


 Look closely. A Green Bay Packer flay hanging on the left!

 I took the shuttle bus back to the rv and some are landing again by us. What a treat. What exhilaration.

 Some of the balloons pass right over our rv.

 These are passing overheard.

All this excitement before 10 am.  More to come.

Location:Albuquerque, NM

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