Monday, October 14, 2013

Santa Fe, NM 10/14/2013

On the road again Monday Oct. 14
We parked near downtown Santa Fe and talked to Tracey from California.
What an interesting gal was parked next to us.  This year she started full time rv-ing.
She did a trial run to Alaska this summer.  She is loving her new adventures.
A public garage in downton Santa Fe.
Route 66 keeps appearing in our travels.
Permanent sculptures in park where vendors are starting to set up.
Loretto Chapel
Rosary Tree by Loretto Chapel

Georgia O'Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe

O'Keeffe Exhibition in New York in 1917.

                           Photos were allowed in the first three rooms.  There were 9 rooms to view.

 There were two films on Ms. O'Keeffe.  In a film I saw the home she was born in, the one I babysat in.  
The docent shared much about her 1920's years.  Her painting from Lake George, NY were on display.  Photos were not allowed of those painting.

Artwork from 1630's on buffalo skin.
                                               Lithograph of Station of the Cross from 1860's.
Listed as the Oldest House in Santa Fe.

So we spent the rest of the afternoon window shopping. 

This artwork is made exclusively of leather.

 We have seen red peppers EVERYWHERE.

We stayed overnight at Walmart.  Another interesting day!!!!!

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