Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sandia Peak Tramway 10/8/2013

On the road again Tuesday Oct. 8
One last picture before saying "see you later" to Denny, Sharon, Tom and Linda.
The three Musketeers

Oh, what fun we had.  Sorry to see them go!  We'll catch up again.
                       We will be taking this Sandia Parkway Tram.  We start at 6,559 elevation.
This Lower Tower is at 7,010 feet.
The terminal is 10,378 feet.
Looking back at the Albuquerque Valley.
Phil suggested we take the chair lifts down the other side of the mountain.  

Mountain bike trails.
Ski Trails.
We see guys biking.  Interesting how they bring the bikes up on the ski lifts.  There are brackets on the backs of the chair lift.  The bike is just placed on....not strapped down.
Movement is so slow and smooth.

The highest peak of the Sandia Mountain range.

House describes as Fred Flintstone's at the end of a three mile round trip hike   Can you see two hikers have made it to the house.  We decided half way was as far as we would go. 

On the ride down the photo turns out good even thru the glass of the Tram.
Sandia means watermelon in Indian.  When the sun hits the Mountain as certain time the Mountain glows the color of a watermelon.  The clumps of bushes look like the seeds.
Called a Golf Ball.  I forget how HUGE they say this rock is!!!!

We stayed overnight at Walmart near Santa Fe.
Another fantastic day.  also good feeling to be on the road again.
We love the feel of traveling through our great country.

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