Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bryce Canyon National Park, 3/31/12 continued

Bryce Canyon National Park, 3/31/12 continued: On the Trails Again in Bryce Canyon National Park Saturday Mar. 31. We are delighted to have phone and 3G service in this remote park but many times the posting of the blog "fails." So I am doing today's in 2 parts.

We are continuing on our hike. Now on the Navajo Loop. Something that warms my heart so very much is when we come across stones arranged as the "Traveler." I made the one in the front.

This is just part of the little community of Travelers. They were also in the short trees. Sweet!!!

We stopped to have lunch and soon a stellar jay was in the tree above us. What a gorgeous bird. He was singing for some food, but was disappointed.

Again you can see we are in the basin of the Bryce Canyon Ampitheater.

We are starting to ascend 550 feet. Slowly and lots of breaks....reason to take more photos. Can you see me in
my red shirt?

This is a Wilderness Group weaving their way down the switchbacks. Oh, so much easier going down than up.

Looking back on the way we came. Not even half way up yet.

Phil heading up to the top. Will we ever get there?

Another view of Thor the Hammer.

Just amazing. We wore sun screen today, forgot yesterday. At these elevations we are much closer to the sun rays.

Looking down on the trail we traveled.

Yippee! We reached the top. Now the 1/2 mile of gentle sloping ground to our RV. You can see the trail we were on for the Sunrise Point portion of the hike. Our entire hike would have been 3.4 miles but because of going back for batteries Phil's GPS said we did 5.2 miles. The descent was to 7400 feet and we ascended to 8000 feet. Tired but exhilarated. To see the hoodoos and rocks from the the ground looking up is amazing. I need a Thesaurus so I use some different adjectives.

We drove to Panguitch for groceries and fuel. What a day!!!
Location:Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park, 3/31/12

Bryce Canyon National Park, 3/31/12: On the Trails Again in Bryce Canyon National Park Saturday Mar. 31.

We started our hike at Sunrise Point

A grotto.

Do you see Phil on the left? Gives a perspective of how tall these hoodoos are.

The back side of Thor the Hammer, the most photographic thing in the Park.

Again Phil is dwarfed.

I'm sure this was a man made tunnel for the path. My camera batteries went dead at this point. I realized I forgot to bring more. I hiked up .8 mile, an ascent of about 250 ft. to get the batteries. I didn't time it on the way up but the way down only took 15 minutes because I didn't stop to take pictures. In the meantime Phil hiked about .8 mile forward and back and we met up again. Oh, what a strenuous lesson.....carry extra batteries.

Passing through another short tunnel.

Chipmunk found some goodies. But it is stressed not to leave food out. Animals must find food on their own, not left by humans. It's sad for me to put vegetable peelings in the garbage. I think the animals would love it. But I won't be here another day to leave things for them.

Nuthatch at the same stop.

We are near the lowest level of this area.

Narrow passageway.
Location:Bryce Canyon National Park

Friday, March 30, 2012

Bryce Canyon National Park, UT, 3/30/12

Bryce Canyon National Park, UT, 3/30/12: On the Road Again Friday Mar. 30 touring Bryce Canyon National Park. Happy birthday wishes to our grandson, Cooper. Hope you had a great day and a terrific year ahead.

On the road at 7:45 to Sunrise Point. The hoodoos are just amazing.

Do you see the window on the left. Eventually that will erode away to an open space.

On our way to Rainbow Point we saw an antelope along the highway.
Also saw two mule deer in an open field.

The rocks have eroded away to make this "Natural Bridge.". Awesome.

Elevation 9,115 feet at Rainbow Point. Snow and chilly.

We hiked the Bristlecone Loop Trail. At this elevation and with the shade of the white fir and Douglas fir trees most of the 1 mile trail was snow covered.

But we were rewarded with more impressive rock formations.

Ankle deep in snow.

Black Birch Canyon

Ponderosa Point

Agua Point

Fairview Point

Paria View

Rock caught between two hoodoos.

A couple walked out on a precarious ledge.

Bryce Point. If here at sunrise it is said these hoodoos would look like candles with flames burning.

Grottos formed by erosion.

A larger grotto.

Ebenezer Bryce worked the land near this Canyon. He said it would be a terrible place to lose a cow.

Inspiration Point. Does it look like you have seen the same thing over and over. But this landscape is phenomenal.

It looks like a patch of concrete on top of the plateau.

We returned to our campsite at 4:00 exhausted. It was a full day. With the elevation we were huffing and puffing and sure to take it slow. Talked to many people who said the same thing. Eager for more exploring tomorrow.
Location:Bryce Canyon National Park, UT.