Sunday, March 4, 2012

Arizona, 3/3/12, Sedona

On the Road Again Saturday Mar. 3 for an archeology tour.

We were picked up at Sedona Pines to venture on an Extreme Safari trip. We went south of Sedona, out of red rock territory. The Indians thought the red rocks were sacred so did not live in that area. These are the rock remnants of their dwellings. There were 36 rooms in this complex.

This is a metates, a grinding stone.

Banana yucca.

We saw lots of petroglyphs.

We walked down along the creek. This is a HUGE cottonwood tree. In the afternoon Ellie did laundry.

Another variety of cactus.

We went to Mass at St John Vianney. The service was so uplifting. The priest and Deacon were jovial but also reverent, if you know what I mean.

An impressive sculpture outside of church.

Can you imagine seeing these beautiful rocks? No one seemed in a big rush to get out of the parking lot.

We were invited to a get together at the couple's RV next to us. There were 5 couples in all, from Crystal Lake, IL, (small world), Montana, B.C., and Alberta. What a great time to all had.

Location:Sedona, AZ.

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