Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bryce Canyon National Park, 3/31/12

Bryce Canyon National Park, 3/31/12: On the Trails Again in Bryce Canyon National Park Saturday Mar. 31.

We started our hike at Sunrise Point

A grotto.

Do you see Phil on the left? Gives a perspective of how tall these hoodoos are.

The back side of Thor the Hammer, the most photographic thing in the Park.

Again Phil is dwarfed.

I'm sure this was a man made tunnel for the path. My camera batteries went dead at this point. I realized I forgot to bring more. I hiked up .8 mile, an ascent of about 250 ft. to get the batteries. I didn't time it on the way up but the way down only took 15 minutes because I didn't stop to take pictures. In the meantime Phil hiked about .8 mile forward and back and we met up again. Oh, what a strenuous lesson.....carry extra batteries.

Passing through another short tunnel.

Chipmunk found some goodies. But it is stressed not to leave food out. Animals must find food on their own, not left by humans. It's sad for me to put vegetable peelings in the garbage. I think the animals would love it. But I won't be here another day to leave things for them.

Nuthatch at the same stop.

We are near the lowest level of this area.

Narrow passageway.
Location:Bryce Canyon National Park

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