Thursday, March 29, 2012

Coral Pink State Park & Bryce Canyon, UT. 3/29/12

Coral Pink State Park & Bryce Canyon, UT. 3/29/12: On the Road Again Thursday Mar. 29 but first we hiked the dunes at Coral Pink State Park.

Impressions made by a bug.

Phil...King of the sand dune.

So impressive.

Ellie going up the 5950 ft. elevation dune. Phil also hiked it.

This was the second major dune we hiked. But it was HARD because we went up the side the new sand had blown on. It was soft and powdery. Phil measured his walking stick sunk over a foot.

Fun for everyone. Amazing to see sand this color.

On the Road Again to Bryce Canyon.

But first traveled through Red Rock Canyon.

I need more adjective to describe the fantastic landscape we have seen since we left Phoenix.

The Hoo Doos of Bryce Canyon at Fairyland Point. Elevation 7758 ft.

Sunset Point, elevation 8000 ft.

Too late to get the sun off most of the rocks. Have to go earlier tomorrow.

Sunken ship. It was 42 degrees when we headed back to our campsite. We are camping at Bryce Canyon National Park. Visited with our neighbor campers, Elsa and Henry, from Alberta. Also with a couple from Portland, OR. Lots more to learning about this Park tomorrow.
Location:Coral Pink State Park & Bryce Canyon, UT.

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