Friday, March 9, 2012

Arizona & Washington, 3/8 & 3/9/12

On the Road Again Thursday Mar. 8. But first we readied the RV for storage and packed our carry-ons. Tomorrow we are flying to Seattle to visit our Northwest family.

Ron and Anita took us to a local art museum.

Oil paintings, watercolors, acrylics, pastel and charcoal drawings, pen & inks, bronze, wood and natural stone sculptures, wood-turned bowls, basketry, pottery, kachinas and jewelry.

There are well over 3,000 pieces of art depicting numerous mediums displayed throughout the gallery.

Done by the Hopi Katsina Carvers

Seed pots. Intricate carvings.

This painting: Fur Press was interesting since we learned about the fur traders last year.

On Sept. 16, 1805 Lewis and Clark struggled across the Bitterroot Mountains in present day Idaho.

John Baptiste Charbonneau, son of Sacajawea and Carbonneau. John traveled with Lewis and Clark as a baby.

So much impressive artwork.

We drove by Arizona State University. The Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

The football stadium of Arizona State University, home of the Sun Devils, is home of the Insight Bowl.

We walked along the shoreline of Tempe Beach Park. Rowing teams maybe from ASU were practicing. Interesting to see them glide through the water, looked so effortless.

On the Road Again Friday Mar. 9. Actually by the plane. Thank you, Ron and Anita for taking us to the airport at 5 am. As I settled in my airplane seat I reached for my seat belt, but reached at shoulder level. I realized I've been traveling in a car or our RV a lot. We have put on over 4,400 miles in our RV since 1/27. Could add a hundred or more traveling with friends.

We are traveling the mountains south to north. From Phoenix to Seattle. Doesn't look like too many roads across these mountains.

The dark is the trees of Washington state.

I've always said things are green in Seattle, the grass, the leaves, the trees, the fences, LOOK, even the garbage trucks.

We are staying at our daughter and son-in-law's for several weeks. So good to spend time with Corrina, Tait, Teagan and Cooper.

Location:Chandler and Kenmore

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