Monday, March 26, 2012

Kenmore, WA, 3-9 to 3/26/12

Kenmore, WA, 3-9 to 3/26/12: Can't really say "On the Road Again," as we are at our daughter and son-in-law's, Corrina and Tait till 3/26.

Ted and Allison, our son and his girlfriend, came for the weekend. We are enjoying the family's favorite meal...Phil's Mom's REAL spaghetti. A recipe cherished by our family. (Plus I was sworn to secrecy when she taught me how to make it. Our three children uphold Grandma C's secrecy rule.) Sat. Mar. 10, 17 and 24 we went to Mass at St. John Vianney Parish. The choir is very upbeat and inspiring. Interesting, we were at St. John Vianney in Sedona.

Sunday Mar. 11 & 18 we went to Teagan's indoor soccer games. On Mar.13 Corrina & Tait went to Costa Rica with friends for vacation. We are grandchildren, dog and house sitting. We were busy driving Teagan and Cooper to school, to activities and their friends' homes. We taught Teagan the card game 3-13 & also played Bananagrams. We learned the game Blockus and what a great strategic Cooper is. Cooper takes Hip Hop classes and it is precious to see him dancing.

Forsythia blooming. (remember we have been in the SW)

Corrina's Lenten roses.

On Friday my sister and brother-in-law, Marcy and Bruce came for the weekend. A Nov./Dec. tradition with Teagan and Cooper is to do gingerbread houses. We were glad Marcy was with us to experience decorating a gingerbread house for the first time. Marcy made musu chicken for dinner. Our first time tasting this Asian wonderfully flavored entree. So good to have them visit us for the w/e.

Corrina and Tait returned tanned and rested on Thursday. You might say we celebrated Thanksgiving because we had turkey for dinner.

For a gift we gave Cooper a monthly science project subscription. Phil had a great time helping Cooper with "Magnets," "Gases and Liquids" and half of "Bacteria and Fungus." I helped Cooper with 2 yeast (fungus) projects. The 3rd project was making dinner rolls. Here's Cooper kneading the dough. The rolls turned out delicious. Plus as you can guess made the house smell so good. A great tasting science project!!!!

Time goes so quickly and soon we returned to sunny AZ. The temperatures were 30's to 50's while in Kenmore. While we were there we watched the temperatures for our home town where they were enjoying 70's to 80's for 9 days. (40 degrees above normal.) Neighbors sent pictures of our daffodils blooming and our asparagus 20 inches tall. They are enjoying the asparagus. Thanks, Dave, for mowing the lawn. Corrina said we wouldn't have been home if we weren't in Kenmore. When we got back to Chandler where we stored our RV it was in the 80's.

We took the Light Rail from the airport to the end. Our friends, Bev and Bob picked us up. We went out to eat with them and Ron and Anita who we also spent time with. What a great time the 6 of us had.
Location:Kenmore, WA

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