Friday, March 2, 2012

Arizona, 3/2/12, Sedona

On the Road Again Friday Mar. 2 It was 34 last night. (31 the night before.) thank goodness for our furnace! But as you can see the days are sunny and warm up.

Driving along the highway, I wondered if the people living here year round take these gorgeous mountains for granted. They are BEAUTIFUL!!!

We drove the Red Rock Loop Road. Unfortunately the sun was behind the Cathedral Rocks so couldn't get a good picture. Google: Cathedral Rocks. You'll see how beautiful they really are.

The Coffee Pot Rocks.

We drove up Airport Road, didn't hike up Airport Mesa but could see the city of Sedona nestled in the valley.

We traveled Hwy. 89A through the Oak Creek Canyon. The elevation at this spot was about 5300 ft.

See so many neat twisted trees. See so much AMAZING nature.

Another stop along Oak Creek Canyon.

We are staying at Sedona Pines. We met a wonderful couple from Quebec and had lunch with them. We loved hearing of their experiences traveling.

Location:Sedona, AZ.

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