Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Arizona, 3/5, 3/6 & 3/7/12

On the Road Again Monday Mar. 5. We are thinking of Phil's Mom today as it was her birthday. Love you, Mom and know you keep watching over us.

We visited Historic Sahuaro Ranch, a 17 acre model fruit farm.

In 1886 William Bartlett from Peoria, IL developed a 640 acres fruit farm. Over the years figs, fresh and dried fruits, olives and nuts were grown. Yes, we have seen trees with citrus growing in many places on our trip but still amazing to see.

Orange blossoms.

It's also interesting to see the palm trees.

We had read there are a lot of peacocks at this Ranch.

We got to see two strutting in their glory!

There are many beautiful rose bushes.

We stayed overnight with our friends, Ron and Anita. We all lived in the same apartment building in Madison, WI. in 1970. They have visited us in IL and its now our turn to visit them in their AZ. home. Great to catch up with them again.

A beautiful sunset because there are clouds. Then the sun rays can reflect off the clouds.

On the Road Again Tuesday Mar. 6 to get hair cut, etc. Then meet up with our Illinois friends, Bev and Bob, who are in Sun Lakes for 2 months.

We traveled through the Tonto National Forest, passed copper and gold mines. We saw open pit and underground mines.

Traveled through Top of the World before turning around in Globe, AZ and heading back to Bev and Bob's for the night.

On the Road Again Wednesday Mar. 7 with Bev and Bob.

Beautiful Canyon Lake. Shortly after this lake we crossed one bridge that was only one lane. Soon we crossed a second bridge with only one lane. Fortunately there wasn't a lot of traffic.

Our destination was Tortilla Flats, an old stagecoach stop. Population is now listed as 6!

Unique metal art.

Unique wood art!


Unique wallpaper, one dollar bills on the walls in two of the buildings.

We had ice cream. Phil had pralines and cream, Ellie had prickly pear gelato.

It was good!!!!!

As you can see we are up in the mountains, which means we traveled switchback roads. It was so different to ride in a car compared to our RV. Phil is also grateful that Bob did the driving.

We joined up again with Ron and Anita. They took us on a tour of Tempe, where they used to live (they have lived in AZ for 32 years). This is the steer outside of the Rustler's Rooste steakhouse.

It is atop a butte in the foothills of the South Mountains. Every direction we looked there were mountains in the distance. Phoenix and suburbs are in a valley so sometimes had inversion problems.

No clouds tonight, so no colorful sunset. But the moon looks great.

Location:Glendale and Chandler, AZ.

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