Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Flagstaff & Coral Sand State Park, 3/27 & 3/28/12

Flagstaff & Coral Sand State Park, 3/27 & 3/28/12: On the Road Again Tuesday Mar. 27 to Flagstaff, AZ. Bob and Bev took us to pick up our RV where we had stored it. We were getting things we had left at Ron and Anita's and.....OOPS!!!! We realized we were so excited to see our RV we forgot to get our luggage out of Bob and Bev's car. Then we forgot our water filter at Ron and Anita's. Always say...good thing our heads are attached!!!! We stopped for groceries and propane and AT LAST on the Road Again. It felt so good....except another hitch. Trying to find a place selling regular diesel, not biodiesel. Success at last, but as all of you know...ouch, the prices have gone up$$$.

As we drove north we saw the saguaros again. Not being around them before this trip find them so very fascinating. As we were approaching Flagstaff we could see Mtn. Humphrey. So majestic. The highest point in AZ. at 12,700. We camped at Black Bart's RV Park. We talked with the Roadtrek people next to us. They sailed their schooner to Nova Scotia last year and have been traveling in America. We meet so many interesting people.

On the Road Again Wednesday Mar. 28 to Utah.

But I realized I needed to buy some more groceries as we will be going to less populated areas. This is not a sight I see at home...going grocery shopping and seeing a beautiful mountain.

Flagstaff is 7,000 plus feet. It was 27 degrees last night. Seeing lots of pines no more saguaros.

Beautiful red soil and rocks again. We are going through the Painted Desert.

But also many shades of gray.

Stopped for a scenic view....see how huge the hills are.

Can you see the tiny car down in the valley in the left center?

Lot of work to make this road possible!

The bridge to cross the Glen Canyon. Stopped at the Visitor Center of the Glen Canyon Dam.

The varied colors of rock formations.

Moqui Cave. Stopped but didn't go in.

We are camping at Coral Sand Dunes State Park, Utah.

Can you see the people atop the sand dunes.

Guy riding his motorized bicycle.

So incredibly amazing. What a great and diverse country we keep discovering.
Location:Flagstaff & Coral Sand State Park

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