Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Galveston & Port Arthur 10/23/2013

On the road again Wednesday Oct. 23
We woke to a beautiful sunny, low humidity day at our campsite on Galveston Bay.
 We drove west to explore more of the Island before going east.
 I didn't know Galveston is an island.  Learning lots of geography in our travels. 
 Amusement park closed for the season.
The aftermath of Hurricane Ike destroyed many of the old oak trees. 
Local artists have carved sculpture out of the stumps and remains of the stricken trees.

 A tribute to all the trees that were lost.
Only half this tree was destroyed.

 Lots of interesting things to see.

 A beautiful live oak tree that survived.
 Cactus growing on the parkway.
 Lots of palms.
 So many stately houses.
 William Beissnert house built in 1888 has turned posts and floral motifs.
 A jigsaw porch.

 Fan palms.

 A non-wooden angel but appealing.
Pelican with fish he caught.

 Many beautiful Victorian homes.

 Interesting roof.
 We took the Port Bolivar ferry to Bolivar Peninsular. (2.7 miles)
 I saw 20 dolphins in the 22 minute ferry ride.  What a treat…and the ride was free.
Beautiful day for a ferry ride.

 Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine, Port Arthur, TX

 Can you see Mary and Juan Diego?
 The shrine is a quiet sacred place to pause in quiet prayer and aesthetic admiration.
 7 foot statue of Juan Diego
 14 foot statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe
 Queen of Peace Shrine 
The parishioners of Queen of Vietnam Martyr's Catholic Church created a Hoa Binh ("area of peace"). 

The shrine was built "in gratitude for their escape from Asia and the city which welcomed them." 

We stayed at Port Arthur RV Park.  

So many interesting things to see, experience and do….have I said that yet?

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