Saturday, October 5, 2013

Albuquerque Balloon Fest, 10/5/13

On the road by shuttle bus Sat. Oct 5 at 6:30 am. We think we are catching the regular shuttle bus to the Balloon Launch Site.

Oh, we always have interesting experiences and stories to tell. Because it was so dark the bus we hustled to was not a "regular" bus but a shuttle van but the driver we,comed us on board. When two other couples got on we (Tom, Linda, Phil & I) began to realize the van was for the Provost RV'ers. Goggle Provost and you will see...we were out of our class. Anyway, good story to laugh about and we got to the Launch Site.
It's dark.
It's our first time at the Balloon Fest and we really don't know what happening.
Then we realize.....the weather is questionable….
maybe the balloons can not go off today cuz it might be too windy.
Eventually 10 balloons go off.
They are the Dawn Patrol. Experienced pilots testing the weather conditions, 
making sure it is safe for everyone.
 Finally we hear the Star Spangled Banner and the Fiesta Balloon going up. Yippee, it's a go.
First the balloons are rolled out.
Hot air blown
Yesterday we were told this is the only sporting event where spectators can be so close to the action. Even be a part of the crew. Maybe next time for me????
Did I mention it's chilly. Dress for mid 30's weather to start.

More and more balloons are being inflated.

Special shapes.

And thousands of people milling amidst the action.

What a spectacular display of color.
About 10:30 we take the "regular" shuttle bus back tour rv and....lo and behold! Some of the balloons are landing at the field by our RV's.
What an amazing and exciting day.
 Linda, Tom, Sharon and I took the bus to the Evening Glow. 
 Phil and Denny decided to stay at the RV and visit there.
 Beautiful Sandia Mountains

 Evening Glow

Balloons are tethered and lights go on and off to music. After the Evening Glow they had fireworks but Tom, Linda, Sharon and I preferred to beat the rush for the shuttle bus back to our RV's. There are thousands and thousands of people. We are so grateful to use the shuttle bus. And the buses have their own express lane. The cars are standing still as we are journeying on our way.

More visiting and Baileys before bed. But another early morning tomorrow.
Location:Albuquerque, NM

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