Friday, October 11, 2013

Los Alamos, NM 10/11/2013

 On the road again Friday Oct. 11
A gorgeous but chilly morning  
We stopped at a Gift Shop in Abiquiu and found some gorgeous items.

On the road to Los Alamos we saw these interesting cars.

The windy and ascending road we traveled to Los Alamos.

We watched an interesting video about the experimenting and building the atomic bomb.
It was a secret town.  Workers & their families were identified by numbers.
They had no communication with the outside world.

 Lots of continued experimenting.

 We watched a film of a reporter dressed in this suit and having to relocate a "bomb" into the safe box.
                                                                 Very cumbersome suit.
As we continued on our way through Lost Alamos we had to go through a checkpoint.
Phil had to show his driver's license.  We were traveling past labs and technical buildings.
We traveled around the Bandelier National Monument but couldn't enter.  We couldn't visit the remnants of an Ancestral Puebloan community that was established 7 or 8 centuries ago.
We traveled the Jemez Mountain National Scenic Byway
Beautiful valley and skies in the Valles Caldera National Preserve.
Seeing these red hills we understand how the Indians called the area Sandia, meaning watermelon.
We arrived after the Walatowa Visiter Center closed their front doors.
But I was able to see their outdoor area.
Maybe heating up the oven to bake bread?

We enjoyed dinner at Abuelita's New Mexican Restaurant in Bernalillo.  
It was good.  I'm enjoying the heat!!!!  And Phil always has.  We stayed overnight at Walmart.

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