Friday, October 4, 2013

Albuquerque, NM 10/4/13

On the road again Friday Oct. 4 to take a hot air balloon ride.

We three Roadtreks couples left the campground at 5:45 am to check in for our ride. After waiting in line with other perspective riders we learned it was too windy to launch. We weren't surprised. So we drove to the Balloon Fest RV park. Over the weekend there were between 1,600 & 2,200 RVers. We had to wait until 8 am when they opened the gates. As soon as we got settle we were out visiting with other Roadtrekkers. In total 60 Roadtreks lined a field where hot air balloons might land the next 9 days.

Around noon some of us walked to the food trucks. I had a delicious flatbread topped with lobster, goat cheese, spinach and onion. It was so yummy. It was so good Tom got one for them.

Jim has organized the Balloon Fest Roadtrek Rally for 10 years. He says this is last year organizing the Rally so we wanted to be sure to come this year.

He addressed us at our Happy Hour gathering.

Yes, we are bundled up, it was a bit chilly.

It was a great night for coffee and Baileys and lots of visiting. But off to bed early cuz tomorrow is another early morning.

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