Sunday, October 6, 2013

ABQ, Our balloon ride, 10/6/13

On the road Sunday Oct. 6
Tom, Linda, Phil and I attended 10:30 Mass at Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary Church.
It was a Spanish Mass, so very lively. Photo taken after Mass.
Brunch was served after Mass. I had some green peppers but I gave most of them to Phil. 
 They also served us some sweet rice. It helped cool my mouth but oh, everything was good. 
I'm getting used to the hot kick of peppers.
We enjoyed the real Mexican food.
At 2:15 Linda drove Phil, Sharon, Tom and me to the check in for our rescheduled hot air balloon ride.
Here is our group of 10 meeting our pilot.
36 groups drove 5 miles from the Balloon Fest to an open field for our Launch Site.
Our balloon "envelop" being unloaded.
They spread a tarp over the field to protect the envelop.
Straightening the ropes.
Our basket set on the ground.

Balloons being blown up.
Propane filling the envelop with hot air.
 Worker holding ropes to our balloon at lift off. 
 Before we know it, we are up, up and away.
 Rio Grand River in the distance.
Field we had taken off from.
Frank our pilot Frank says it is a stroll in the park, not a race.
We can see the some of the other balloons.
 Shadow of our balloon.

 Despite the fact that Phil doesn't like heights he DID enjoy the ride.
Our buddy, Tom.
 Sharon and another gal, don't remember her name.
We could hear Frank communicating with his chase team.  He told them to turn at this intersection. We could spot the chase team.

 A guy on the second floor deck below us is waving to us as we pass over his house below. Frank selects our landing spot beyond the second house. There is an open field surrounded by by a brick wall. We barely, it seems, make it across the first wall. Then have to stop abruptly so when the balloon collapses it doesn't fall on the metal spires on the other wall. We bounce several times, bump, bump, bump, bump, then stop and the basket falls on its side. We are all ok.
 Phil and I climb out easily but those in the other divided side have farther to reach the ground. Phil helping Sharon out.

 Frank opening the ceremonial champagne.
He is not a man of few words. But recited one story in poem form after another and another. 
 Cheers we did it and survived our landing.
 Workers upending the basket.
A local family helped stuff the envelop in the container.  The spikes that Frank the pilot
wanted to protect the envelop from can be seen by the car.
 By the time we get back to the Launch Field the Evening Glow program was over and they are setting off the fireworks. Here is part of the ground fireworks.
We had lots of stories to share with Linda and Denny and others when we get back to our RV's.

Location:Albuquerque, NM

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