Sunday, December 28, 2014

Rose Bowl Float Decorating, Ponoma, 12/28/2014

On the road Saturday Dec. 27.  We went to Camping World looking for a base for our table.  They were out but will get by Dec. 31.  At the local library I worked on our blog.

We checked into the Valencia RV Resort about 2 pm.  At 4 pm we joined others for the opening of our Escapees Rose Prade HOP.  There are 55 RV'ers.  Pizza dinner followed.  We started getting acquainted with the people we will spend the next 6 days.

On the road again Sunday Dec. 28 To AES, Ponoma, CA.  It was 32 overnight.  Colder than CA is used too, I think.  We had to meet the bus at 7 am.
One of the three floats for the Rose Parade that we helped decorate.
Our group was divided into three.  Our first task was to fill flower vials with water and put on a styrofoam frame.
There is a specific timetable for getting all the floats done on time.
It will be interesting to see the finished projects on Thursday.
Excellent tour to learn about so many things about float building and the parade.

Our second task was to cut the red tips off strw flowers.  If the flowers were orange they used later.
 Seeds are glued on one at a time.
 Yellow portion will be covered with yellow strawflowers.

After the strawflowers are trimmed of the flower heads they are put to the blender.

Eucalyptus leaves are cut from the stem.  Glue applied.  this is nasty glue.  White glue comes off with water but this comes off only with nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol.

 Glued on tflower base.
 Arrangement for on the float.
Roses with be put in the little vials we filled on Tuesday.

To be continued:  working on the football floats.

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