Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Balboa Park, San Diego, CA 12/23/2014

On the road again Tuesday Dec. 23
The Park we stayed at was on Coronado Island.  This is part of the Coronado Hotel.
 The lobby is huge.
 Sidewalks were lined with so MANY bird of paradise flowers.
Balboa Park 
Spanish Moor architecture

Art Museums

 100 year old fig tree


Spreckels Organ Pavilion...one of the world's largest pipe organ

Interesting artwork every where

Botanical Building
 The building has a steel frame finished with redwood laths.
 In the pool in front of the botanical building.
 An abundance of poinsettias.

 Dr. Seuss tree.  The theater has a Dr. Seuss production currently.  Dr. Suess lived in San Diego.
 Museum of man and the California Tower.

 Timken Putnam Art Museum

 Picking Cranberries at Nantucket

 On the Ranger led tour she said she finds the desert garden very interesting.  I totally agree.

 Very unique plant, loop is over 6 feet tall.
 Stragest cactus i ever sw.  Picture doesn't capture its uniqueness.  Over 10 feet tall.
 Rose garden was next to the desert garden.

The Park is free but most of the Museums charge admission.  Tuesday was free day for San Diego residents.  There were many who took advantage of that offer.

A very interesting day.

We stayed at the Jojoba Hill Escapee  Park, Aguangua, CA.  What friendly people.

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