Sunday, July 7, 2013

Casper, WY, 7/7/2013

On the road again Sunday July 7

To Mass at Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Casper, WY.

Interesting to see stained glass windows with local influence.

Gorgeous yellow flowers in their landscape. Photo doesn't show their real beauty.

Bigger than life size Pony Express rider outside the National Trails Interpretive Center, Casper, WY.

We keep learning more about the journeys of many to the West.

Indians lived in the area first.

Indians traded with others in different locales.

They roamed with the buffaloes.

Grizzly bear claw necklace.

Fur traders were the second to come. Then missionaries reaching out to the Indians.

Pioneers seeking open land.

Traveling guide.

What to take.

Very informative video of the history of the settling of the West.

Each section of statues were highlighted.

Some kept journals of their trip.

Repairs had to be made.

Many died on the Trail.

It was a very interactive Museum. Here I am riding a wagon across the Platt River.

River ferry was built to aid in crossing the dangerous river.

Later a wooden bridge.

Gold Rushers carried all their supplies in their backpack.

Phil lifting the backpack.

Oxen and mule trains hauled wagons carrying 3 1/2 tons of supplies.

Pony Express had 25 Home Stations (where riders changed) and 165 Swing Stations (horse changed every 10 to 15 miles). A relay of 25 riders would travel for 150 hours for 10 days to get the mail from Missouri to California.

Saddle bag of mail was grabbed off the saddle as the rider dismounted.

Riders travel year round. Carried 34,753 pieces of mail until the telegraph made the Pony Express obsolete.

We have enjoyed learning a lot about Wyoming.

Indian high school artwork on display.

As we drove toward Montana our NOAA weather alerted us to storms, possible hail. We were not in the path of the heavy storm, had some rain but no hail.

It's been another amazing day of travel and learning. Looking forward to more tomorrow.

We stayed at a Pilot Truck stop at Columbus, MT.

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