Friday, July 5, 2013

Cheyenne, WY 7/5/2013

On the road again Friday July 5, 2013

Wyoming State Capitol

Esther Morris played a role in granting women's rights in WY. She went on to be the first woman Justice of Peace.

Chef Washakie was Chief of the Shoshoni Tribe for more than 60 years. He died in 1900 at the age of 102.

House of Representatives.


Legislative Conference Room 302 with Tiffany styled chandelier.

It seems that instead of marble like some State Capitols these embellishments are painted.

But impressive staircases.

This bust of Lincoln is huge, would you say!

Some of the black tiles have fossils of Wyoming in them.

Spirit of Wyoming. "Cowboy and his horse at odds with nature."

Bill Gollings, cowboy artist.

Wyoming flag at the Wyoming State Museum.

Pronghorn antelope can run 60 mph to evoke coyotes.

Skeleton of a rattlesnake.

Trona is used to make soda ash which is used in innumerable products.

Truck used in the mine field. WY is produces 24% of U.S. coal.

Wyoming is rich in minerals. Many types of jades,gold and diamonds.

Horse mask

Youngster's outfit.

Sheep are branded with paint.

Early RV, sheep wagon.

Sugar a major industry.

Cutthroat salmon are native to Wyoming.

Home Economics classroom pre-1936

1960's classroom...reminiscent of my college days.

Saddle makers were prominent from 1860 to 1930's.

Hair dryer look familiar to anyone?

Fish fry.

High school student's artwork.

My friend, the Traveler.

Wagon wheel of Wyoming major points.

Some visitors said the Cowgirl Museum was a good place to visit.

Learned about saddles.

Laws about women riding horses....they were to ride side saddle.

Saddle designed for women.

Trick saddles with special add ons for doing tricks.

WY first state where women could vote.

Mail order houses.

Posters like this for over 40 women. Guess why I posted this one.

The bad women of the West. This Museum was so very interesting.

Cathedral of St. Mary

Beautiful stained glass windows.

We really enjoyed our visit to Cheyenne.
Location:Cheyenne, WY

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