Saturday, July 13, 2013

Spokane, WA 7/9 - 7/13, 2013

On the road again Tuesday July 9 to Spokane. Let the celebrations begin leading up to Ted and Allison's wedding.

We arrived at Ted and Allison's and went to lunch at Central Foods, a favorite recently opened restaurant. Food was great and we all enjoyed different flavors of beer.

Before our trip Phil contacted Gary who was usher for our wedding. Gary and his wife, Jill invited us to dinner. We had a great time getting reconnected. Interestingly they are going to Wisconsin for a family reunion on Thursday.

We stayed overnight at Ted and Allison's.

On the road again Wednesday July 10. We met our daughter, Corrina, at Spokane Valley Mall. She helped me find a dress for the wedding. I'm not a shopper and she was eager to help me. After successful shopping for Phil and me we enjoyed lunch together.

Then we checked in at Riverside State Park. The rock formations are called the bowl and pitcher. We had just enough time for a quick shower before Ted and Allison picked us up. We had dinner at Rock City Grill with Pete and Jeanne, Allison's parents, Rusty, Deborah & Gabby, her brother, sister-in-law, niece and Tammie and Carlos. It was great to get together.

Suspension bridge at Riverside Park over Spokane River was built in the late 1930's by the CCC.

On the road Thursday July 11 to a Sprinter dealer in Spokane Valley, needed some work done. They gave us a ride to Marcy and Bruce's, my sister and brother-in-law.

Bruce took Nicole, Jason, Teagan and Cooper, our grandchildren tubing.

I was the spotter. Each one of them took a spill off the tube. .

That's part of the fun, they say, of tubing.

On the road again Friday July 12. We checked out of Riverside Park and checked into Hotel Lusso.

We took a shuttle van to Beacon Hill for wedding rehearsal. Rusty and Jeanne.

Ted and Alex, the minister.

Dan and Naomi with her baby.

Gene and Corrina.

Rusty and Tammie.

Deborah and Gabby.

Pete and Allison.

What a beautiful setting.

We had rehearsal dinner at Steam Plant Brewery with those in the wedding and their families. Then a gathering at Nectar Tasting Room. All family members and friends who were in Spokane for the wedding were invited. It was great to visit with Allison's family and Ted and Allison's friends throughout the evening. Back at our Hotel some of the family and friends gathered in Abby's room. We called it a night at 12:30 am.

On the road again Saturday July 13. Fifteen of our family members had breakfast at Frank's Diner, an old railroad car. Fabulous food, great environment.

The wedding of Allison and Ted.

Jason was an usher for his Uncle Ted's wedding. He is escorting his cousin, Teagan,

Cooper also was an usher.

We with Jeanne waiting for the wedding party.

Gene and Corrina.

Ted waiting for his bride.

Allison with Pete.

Cutting the cake, it was delicious as well as the meal.

Ted and Allison's first dance.

Jeanne, Pete and family.

Allison dancing with Pete.

Ellie dancing with Ted.

They had an impromptu Beer run around the pond....twice around the pond.

Allison and Tammie ran too. Ted and Allison compete in bicycle and running races. It was fitting of their friends and them to put another unique touch to their wedding celebration.

What a great celebration their wedding evening was.

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