Saturday, July 6, 2013

Scotts Bluff, Agate Fossil Beds, NE 7/6/2013

On the road again Saturday July 6

To Scotts Bluff National Monument. In 1828 Hiram Scott, a fur trader traveling with other traders, was wounded and could not continue the journey. Later his remains were found at the top of the Bluff.

For six to eight weeks the pioneers traveled through endless flat prairie lands. When they came to this bluff they had to climb it to overlook to see a change in scenery.

Pony Express Station.

We took the shuttle van to the top. The volunteer shared some history of the area. The road and parking lot were done by the CCC in the 1930's. The concrete is 80 years used and still looks great.

The curve is the canal of water from the Rockies to irrigate the farm lands. Some crops are wheat, sugar beets and dried beans.

Ready for the 1.6 mile hike down Saddle Rock Trail.


Had a chat with a Ranger coming UP the trail. We were glad we were going DOWN. Met people who did it round trip hiking. Also met some who only went part way up before going back down.

Sturdy wildflowers.


Different layers.

Still 15 minutes to the Park. We are so fortunate to have done this JUST as a hike, not a walking trip to The West coast as the pioneers did.

William Henry Jackson was an early photographer of the American West, as well as an accomplished artist. He traveled the Oregon-California Trail in 1866 and 1867, and later in life painted a series of watercolors based on his travels.

Devils Tower.

Rustic Indian saddle.

Along the Oregon Trail.

More wildflowers.

Traveling the countryside to another National Monument

Irrigation pipes in many fields.

Agate Fossils Beds National Monument.

During the 1890s, scientists rediscovered what the Lakota Sioux already knew - bones preserved in one of the most complete Miocene mammal sites in the world.

Ranch owner, James Cook, was visited by Red Cloud and his friends.

Many gifts given to Cook on display in the Museum. Subdued lighting made it difficult to photograph others.

We camped at Riverside Park, Douglas, WY. A free community park. A couple visited us and said we traveled (in our 22 ft home) in luxury. Their trailer is in the right side of the photo.

Traveling by motorcycle. They are from Toronto, Ontario area going to a rally in Oregon.

Another fabulous day of traveling, meeting people, learning about our great country. More tomorrow.

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