Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fort Laramie, WY. 7/6/2013

Continued: 7/5/13 to Fort Laramie, WY.

Originally established as a private fur trading fort in 1834, Fort Laramie evolved into the largest and best known military post on the Northern Plains, before its abandonment in 1890. This “grand old post” witnessed America’s western expansion and Indian resistance to encroachment on their territories.

We sat on the porch of the barracks as a powerful wind and a little rain storm passed. The Ranger who sat with us was very informed about the weather cells that can collide in Scottsbluff, where we were traveling to next. He said just wait and this storm will pass.

Schooner wagon the pioneers used to travel to Oregon, California and Salt Lake.

Some crossed the country with their possessions in this cart.

Captains house.

"Old Bedlam" where the bachelor officers resided.

Do you know what this is? Well worn steps to the second floor.


They are restoring the Jail.


We traveled back to Nebraska. After visiting Fort Laramie we realized we were very close to Scotts Bluff National Monument.

We stayed at Walmart in Scotts Bluff. We had a visit with a mother and son who had been hiking in WY. She is 80 and looks absolutely fantastic.

Another interesting day of touring our fine country......and look forward to more tomorrow.
Location:Scottsbluff, NE

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