Monday, July 8, 2013

Big Hole National Battlefield, MT 7/8/2013

On the road again Monday July 8

Outside the Bozeman library. We stopped so we could use the Wi-Fi to download an audio book. It had been on hold, got an email it was available.

Mountains, hills and valleys of Montana.

At Nez Perce Reservation/Big Hole Battlefield Visitor Center we saw this map: In the span of a lifetime the U. S. grew from 13 colonies in the east to stretch to the Pacific Ocean in the west.

Indians were pushed off their native land.

Here at Big Hole the soldiers attacked the Indians.

Teepees were burnt. Many women and children were killed.

War club.

Elk horn quirt or riding whip carried in1877 conflict.

Army outfit.

In parking lot at Battlefield...beautiful day.

We stayed overnight at Walmart in Missoula, MT. There were 16 other vehicles staying overnight. Many RV's, a transformed bus and several cars & vans.

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