Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Herbert Hoover National Historic Site, 7/2/13

On the road again Monday July 1 at 7 pm. Little late in the day but we waited for our floor mats to be delivered by UPS. They promised delivery by 7 pm. They arrived at 6:55 pm. Plus I finally was done packing. Still, I forgot to bring Phils fleece. Have a jacket for him, besides this is summer...don't need a fleece!

We drove to the rest area at Bettendorf, Iowa at 9:45. Thought we'd go on to the Flying J but met a couple from KY. and they were staying overnight there so we decided to. They were heading to Alaska.

So despite leaving late we made it almost to our destination.

On the road again Tuesday July 2

We arrived at the Herbert Hoover National Historic Site just as they opened at 9 am.

Tiny house was the birthplace of the 31st President.

Small room on the back is the summer kitchen.

Front room.

Stove is brought in here so it is the kitchen in the winter as well as where they eat.

Trundle bed for Bert and his brother between cradle for his sister and bed for his parents.

His mother's sewing machine.

Outhouse and his father's blacksmith shop.

Blacksmith shop.

Blacksmith shop.

Blacksmith shop.



Phil is standing on the Men's side and the Ranger is on the women's side.

Dividers are pulled up when certain topics are discussed.


Porch leads to the nursery.


She is holding a key.

Three flames: past present and future.

The Herbert Hoover Library was very informative. Bert loved to fish. When he was orphaned at age 11 he was sent to live with his Uncle in Oregon.

He earned a Geology Degree from Sanford.

He was very successful in Australia, helped them find a very productive mine.

He married Lu in California before they embarked for China where he was extremely successful.

During World War I he organized food relief for 21 countries, 350 million people.

Famine bread.

It was important that the Germans did not get possession of the cotton used to deliver the food staples. So Europeans embroidered the cotton to make doilies.

Hoover was an influential Secretary of Commerce for Coolidge and Harding.

Mississippi River flooded in1927.

Again Hoover organized relief. 300,000 had no shelter, 20,000 square miles flooded.

Elected as President Nov. 1928.

As Secretary of Commerce he warned about high stock prices and future problems, but he was not taken serious.

Devastating Depression left people not blaming Hoover.

Positives of his administration: St. Lawrence Seaway completion, practice of Good Neighbor policy with Latin America, reforms federal courts, convenes conference on child health.

Created Federal Farm Bureau, Veterans Administration and expanded National Park System.

Camp Reunion was his retreat when he was President.

Lived in Waldorf Towers in New York till the end of his life. He continued his humanitarian work as Chairman of the Boys Clubs of America, key role in founding children's welfare organizations CARE and UNICEF and many more things.

A traveling exhibit at the Hoover Librar was Iowa involvement in the Civil War.

Major battles the Iowa soldiers were involved in.

Tshirts from schools with the name Herbert Hoover.

Corn is not knee high in the Iowa fields. But the farmlands are beautiful to this "old farm girl."

We stayed at Flying J outside of Aveca, Iowa. What an interesting day.

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