Friday, June 7, 2013

On the road again Friday June 7
We have been staying at Country Road RV park, a great place and terrific staff.
                                                             This is the map of the park.

                                        We have more space than when we were in Branson.
                         Because it was so chilly and rainy plastic was put over the windows.
                                         People are having breakfast and saying goodbyes.
 It was a great Rally.  We renewed acquaintances and made new friends..  Plus great places to visit.
On Tuesday we missed the group's trip on the Upper Dells Boat Trip so we did it this morning.

                                                                     Chimney Rock
                                              Traveling around Blackhawk Island.

                                                         Entering Witches Gulch.

We got off the boat to walk to famous Stand Rock.
                                           Where the dog jumps from one rock ledge to the other.
                                      He did it perfectly.  But before jumping he was checking us out.

        Every year they have to rebuild the walkway.
    Right now the water level is so high that part of the walkway is submerged.

                                      H.H. Bennett Museum.  On the shelves are stereo cards.

                        What an interesting Museum about an incredible man.  Way ahead of time.

Home again, home again we journey.  What a great week learning interesting things about Wisconsin.

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