Thursday, June 6, 2013

Roadtrek Rally, Lake Delton, WI 6-3 to 7, 2013
On the road again Monday June 3 to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of our Roadtrek Chapter.
Karen and David from Marshfield, WI are our Rally leaders.

43 people joined in the week of festivities.....25 Roadtreks.
                         We gathered for a get together meeting before a potluck supper.

 On the road again Tuesday June 4
Interesting to see 20 plus Roadtreks driving down the road.
To Paul Bunyan's for breakfast.

There was plenty to eat.  Then Phil & I went to my Aunt Carol's funeral in Madison, WI.
We returned in time for the catered Wisconsin dinner....brats and hamburgers.  Yum.
 On the road again Wednesday June 5.
To the Baraboo Candy Company
It's amusing to see so many Roadtreks in the parking lot.  Overcast and drizzly.
 Baraboo Candy Company is the home of the Cow Pie, Udderfingers and Moo Chews.
                                                 We had to wear hairnets for the factory tour.

                                                               Cooking the carmel filling.
Making Udder Fingers.

                                              Carmel filling for another type of candy.
                                               Carmel in measured portion onto nuts.

                             I would have loved to sit on this gorgeous cow, but it was raining.
Next to the Crane Foundation.  There are 15 types of Cranes.
What interesting birds!!!!!

                                        Photos of the introductory film we watched about cranes.

                                                             Crowned Cranes are SO interesting.

                      The Crane Foundation clips the wings of the cranes so they don't fly away.
              EXCEPT the blue cranes escaped a few yards recently so they were in their cages!!!!
                                         We didn't see the live cranes but the beautiful mural.

This one was whipping his wings open, saying "get away,  This is my territory."
Cranes are VERY territorial.  We wondered how we would get to see them.
BUT they came right up to the edge of their cages saying "stay away.  This is my area."

                                    This is the only one that didn't come up to the edge of the cage.
                                          See this guy again on the way out.  So interesting.
                                                    The pathway was broken ground glass.

                               Roadtrek parade again.  To buffet at the Casino...way to much yummy food.

On the road again Thursday to Circus World Museum in Baraboo.

                                   Magician asked for several volunteers from the audience.


                                                  Guided tour of the Circus Wagons.

 We watched several videos about the history of the circus and the Circus train parade and parade thru Milwaukee.  What an interesting place.

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