Saturday, May 25, 2013

On the road again Monday May 20 to the 40th Anniversary Roadtrek Rally 
held at America's Best Campground, Branson, MO.
Roadtrek owners from all over the US and Canada gathered 
at America's Best Campground.
 We are the following our friends, Anita and Eric from Michigan for check in.
259 Roadtrek vehicles were at the Rally.  
We are in the top row, 4th from the right, parked in front of a carmel colored Roadtrek.
Meals were served for 500 people.  If you look close you might see Phil on the left.
Evening entertainment was scheduled but severe winds prompted it to be canceled.

Happy Hour entertainers were the Frankie Vallie singers.  
On the road again Tuesday May 21.  
We attended seminars on our Roadtrek air conditioners, refrigerators and Onan generators.  
Very informative.
The evening entertainment was a Hillbilly Party. We had a great time,
especially the Talent Show.  Our friend, Anita, was selected to play the spoons.
We hooted & hollered, hoping she'd win.

On the road again Wednesday May 22
We traveled in 10 coaches to Dixie Stampede. 
Couldn't take pictures but the entertainment and food was great.
Before  the show a special presentation of one of the new Roadtreks. 
The show included many interesting animal events:  
buffalo who ran around and rolled in the sand (not sawdust), ostrich and piglet races.  
Also cowboy and lumberjack events, horse riding events and touching patriotic  ending. 

On the road again Thursday May 23 in the morning seminars on winterizing and question & answers.
Olympic Games were scheduled for Thursday.  Phil played ping ping.
I competed in the Frisbee toss.

We played Bridge for a few hours.
Evening entertainment was the Lennon Cathart Singers.
The guy on the left is a brother of the famous Lennon singers.
The Platters also sang and we danced to their music.  
                                                      On the road again Friday May 24

           We said goodbye to our friends from Rockford, MI., Anita, Eric and their dog, Phoebe.
They are heading to Alaska.  Lucky them.  Maybe next year for us.

And we say goodbye too.  Visited with people we had met before and made many new friends 
who we will probably meet up again somewhere down the road.
Stopped at Dick's 5 & 10 in Branson.
What a lot of stuff!!!!!!!!

As I walked by this neat Quilt Store I just had to go in and look.

Wilson Creek National Historic Battlefield near Springfield, MO.
This house was used as a hospital during the Civil War
These two were were the size of the original house.

Various uniforms worn in the Civil War. 

Pedestrian bridge in Springfield, MO
13 train track under the bridge.
It was windy.  We waited about 15 minutes and a train came.
We stayed at a Flying J overnight.  We visited with another couple who had been 
at the 40th Roadtrek Rally.  What a surprise to see school buses parked around us.

On the road again Saturday May 25
Ulysses National Historic Site, St. Louis, MO.
Home of Ulysses and Julia Grant.  Wonderful presentation of the lives of the Grants.

Water pump, summer kitchen, chicken house and ice house.
Passing the the Arch.  We went UP in it in 1986.
We toured the Caterpillar Museum in Peoria.  Phil is dwarfed.  
The vehicle is 25 ft tall, 49 ft long and 32 ft wide.

Gives a perspective of how HUGE this tire is.  Tires weigh 11,680 pounds.

Home again, home again.  What a wonderful celebration we had with other Roadtrek owners to celebrate the 40th year Roadtrek of Roadtrek Motorhomes.  We love ours and love journeying in it!!!!

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